Janet Doerr, The Intuitive Nutritionista – logo

Janet came to me needing a logo that she could use to brand her practice. I met her challenge with the above logo and delivered a […]

Christine Coder, Interior Design – WordPress Brochure site

Christine Coder came to me with a plan, to have her website live within a week. A tall order to some designers, but I was able […]

Blackboard Cover Photo for Online Course

Banners are not just for Facebook and Social media. A great header graphic can really speak to the content of a site, course or social media […]

Surf Hut – Logo concept graphics

These are concept graphics for a boardwalk restaurant on the beach in Florida.

Plug Nickel Traders – Business cards

This is the Plug Nickel Traders business card. Designed to show in a general store – retro way, the final is on the left of this […]

Plug Nickel Traders – Logo

A great new logo and Facebook cover photo for a grocery, gourmet food, general store in Gig Harbor, Washington. Have a look at their Facebook page, […]

Lady Pioneer Logo

In my persuit of more Pioneer graphics for my Alma Mater. I spent some time developing a lady pioneer. She’s no shirking violet. She’s here and […]

Urban Brews – Logo

Logo for a bottle shop in Seattle. Set to be opening the beginning of the new year.
Spark Museum Bunny Hop Poster

Spark Museum – Bunny Hop Poster

I just recently finished up a great poster for the Spark Museum. Have look, and mark your calendar.


A project I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. We are so close on the packaging, I’m just so excited to finally share this.

The Snowflake Factory Logo

A cute logo for a bakery in California. The client had an idea of what he was looking for. I was able to create within two […]

Barkleys Best Sitting and Dog Walking business cards

This is the final design completed with a full branding package.

Image by Design business cards

I completed these business cards in a full identity package. Ask me about our high-quality printing options. We purchase printing from printers in the USA only.
Image by Design Trifold cover

Image By Design Trifold Brochure

Cosmetic Laser Center trifold brochure, including logo, identity and website design.
Georfia Sweet Waffles Trifold Cover

Georgia Sweet Waffles Trifold Brochure

Quick-turnaround trifold brochure.
Angora Hall Trifold Brochure Cover

Angora Hall – Trifold Brochure

Trifold brochure for an event facility in Clarkston, Georgia.
Chimera Confections

Chimera Confections

Logo for Chimera Confections in Reno, Nevada. A chimera is a mythical beast, usually made of a lion, goat and snake.
R-n-C's Hug-A-Bulls Logo

R-n-C’s Hug-a-Bulls Logo

Logo for a local bulldog breeder, they provided several photos of their dog and I illustrated it for use as their logo. Please see their Facebook […]

Image by Design – Logo

I completed a full package for Image by Design. Logo, business card, brochure and web site.
RTE International Artist Management Inc.

RTE – International Artists Management – Logo

You can see the logo in action on their website: http://www.rteartists.com/

Beads by Karen – Logo

A logo I completed for a jewelry designer. Also included a business card.
Twillworks Logo

Twillworks logo

Wooster Colts Lacross Logo

Wooster Colts Lacrosse Team Logo

Logo created for the Wooster Colts in Reno, Nevada. Logo was used in a variety of applications including patches and on sweatshirts.
Best Sitting and Dog Walking

Barkley’s Best Sitting & Dog Walking

CocoaCure.com – Responsive Splash Page Design for a WordPress site

Give and Take in Lasting Relationships - book cover

Give and Take in Lasting Relationships – Book Cover, book layout and epub

This is a book cover completed for HelpingRelationshipsLast.com. The cover was completed in conjunction with the full book layout into a PDF file and an ePub.
esiso.com Anniversary Log

esiso.com – Anniversary Logo

BRIC Trifold Thumbnail

Bric – Investment Trifold Brochure

Aqueous – Brochure

This is a trifold brochure for Aqueous Pools Inc. This was created for a trade show. Aqueous Pools Trifold Brochure PDF

Aqueous Logo

Aqueous Pools – Advertisement

Aqueous Pools Inc Full Page Print Advertisement

Raving Indian National Marketing Conference

Simons Studios created a custom logo for Raving Consulting.

Mission Realty

Simons Studios designed a custom logo for Mission Realty’s real estate company.

TNT Machining

Simons Studios designed TNT Machining LLC’s logo.

Aqueous Pools

Simons Studios created a custom designed WordPress theme for AqueousPools.com.

TNT Machining LLC

Simons Studios designed and manages tntmachiningllc.com.

Egregious Acts

Simons Studios designed the cover of LaKeacha Jett’s book. It’s now available for purchase at Egregious Acts on Amazon. LaKeacha Jett’s Egregous Acts included the cover […]

Conrad on Casino Marketing

Dennis Conrad – Conrad on Casino Marketing Simons Studios designed the cover of Dennis Conrad’s – Conrad on Casino Marketing as well as the interior text […]

Close is Not a Four Letter Word

Simons Studios designed the cover of Michael Cammack’s book. It’s now available for purchase at amazon.com. Michael Cammack: Perfecting the Sales Mindset is a sales blog […]