How Often Should I Update My Website?

The Internet and marketing for the small business owner can be confusing. Do these questions sound like something you’ve been thinking about recently?
How often do I update my website to stay relevant and continue attracting and maintaining customers?
Do I need to update our website information weekly, or monthly, or can I allow my website to contain stale content and still remain viable?
In today’s business climate, it is paramount to stay abreast of current trends.  The main goal of a website is to attract, inform, and engage customers.  The website needs to offer content that is fresh and compelling so that customers and potential continue to visit and tell others about the site.  Since Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that is designed to increase a webpage or website’s visibility, it is important to incorporate this strategy in a regular content update schedule.
Having fresh, quality content added to your site at regular intervals will help increase traffic and attract the attention of search engines that are attracted to new content.  Updating regularly provides search engines with needed new material to direct web traffic to your website. Quality updates also offer the ways and means to enhance and promote your business. Search engines recognize stale and stagnant sites and re-direct traffic to other sites containing fresh content.
Updating at regular intervals also allows businesses to inform or educate their customers. Blogs are a wonderful way for businesses to engage and connect with their customers in an informal manner. Publicizing details on upcoming product releases, announcing new clients, or sharing news about the completion of a project are ways businesses can engage their customers. Consider adding Twitter or Facebook to your webpage. It will allow you to forge an instant connection with your customers and stimulate the fresh content you need to optimize your search engine ranking.
If you are looking to increase your website’s SEO options and effectively promote your business or product to its fullest potential, contact Simon Studios to access innovative strategies to enhance your website presence.

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