How to Build the Beginning of Your Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

In this business environment, you need to have a digital marketing strategy because it’s the only way to reach out to those potential customers. They are online so you need to go to them and begin to build that digital marketing sales funnel. But, how does that work exactly?

The first step is to write out your standard sales model. Typically, you make customer calls, offer some basic consulting, and submit a proposal. If they approve it, then you get started and the process of getting the final product or service done is in-house and completed so that the salesperson then moves on to the next group of leads.

You need to then make a client profile. It has to explain who they are, what they want, and where they can be found. Then, you will need to move onto the research step for your digital marketing sales funnel. Find out who is already serving your market, identify how their process is working, compare their process to your initial sales process and make sure your customer value statement describes how you are different from the competition.

From there, you will need to design something that answers the big questions and issues found within your target market before giving that answer or item away for free on your website. By doing so, you create a lead magnet that drives traffic to that landing page and gets you the names and contact information necessary for developing an email list. Plus, it starts the engagement and dialogue process to reel them in and make them your customer. You can put out the news about that free item on social media pages and platforms where you know from your research that they hang out.

From these steps, you have created your digital marketing sales funnel to push your target customers toward you and funnel them down into one place where you can get more information about them and have them as a captive audience for your prepared marketing messages. It’s up to the sales team at that point to turn them into customers.

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