How to Stop Paying Fees for Your Credit Card Terminal

Every customer seems to want to pay by debit or credit card nowadays, making it seem like cash is dead. While there still be that odd customer here or there that wants to write the dreaded check, your business really has to offer a way to accept credit and debit cards.

While that means you are likely to get more customers by accepting those cards, it seems like the fees kind of ruin the whole opportunity. Typically, monthly fees can run between $5 and “15 plus you have to give the credit card terminal companies a percentage of the purchase with a minimum of 2.5% up to 6% for some credit card types. This has led many businesses to stop accepting certain cards, not mentioning any names (American Express).

However, there is a better way. There are numerous new merchant services you can use to replace the old in-office terminal that typically comes with these high monthly fees. These new merchant service companies use online payment portals instead and do not charge monthly fees. The most well-known include Square or PayPal, which offer readers that work with any newer smartphone.

Other alternatives include new gateways like, which helps address the fears that some people have when they face using PayPal and don’t feel comfortable with that merchant service provider.

Another option to avoid paying monthly merchant fees is Inspire Pay, which offers users a quick way to take payments online from PayPal, all the major credit cards or a portal like (although does charge a fee!).

With so many options out there that keep you from having to pay monthly fees, now your only concern is not, how much do I have to pay but how much can you save? To learn more how these new merchant services can be integrated into your online presence, Call me today, 360.389.8250 and find out how we can reduce costs for your credit card transactions

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