6 ‘To-dos’ to Fill Up Your Yoga Workshop

How to Fill Up Your Yoga Workshop

Marketing, yoga’s four letter word, but if you want to fill up your yoga workshop you need to know the key factors for properly marketing a yoga workshop. To find your target audience and drive them to your yoga workshop, you need to have a plan in place that locates, attracts, and spreads the news about what you are offering. Here is a checklist that will help you maximize the investment in creating and hosting a yoga workshop:

  1. Who’s your audience? Decide the best audience for your yoga workshop, including age, gender, and demographic. Find out where they are so you can target them when you are ready. Your marketing efforts will be effective if you define this.
  2. Clearly define benefits. Spend some time defining the benefits of that yoga class for your target audience. Write out all the bullet points associated with those benefits in a way that attracts that audience and shows them why they must attend.
  3. Brand your workshop. Create some attractive visuals for your target audience. Make sure you create things that incorporate your logo, color scheme, and any branding that you’ve created to go with the workshop. Colors, photos and verbiage need to tell a consistent story to your target audience and be authentic as possible.
  4. Go digital. Partner with a web designer/developer to create a compelling landing page for your youga workshop. It should outline the benefits of attending as well as state all the particulars about the event, including when and where. Think of it as your workshop’s online poster. You’ll want to keep it simple and engaging. Also, make sure you provide a way for your user to share with their friends on social media.
  5. Make it easy. Set-up registration for your yoga workshop on your landing page. You’ll want to make sure you bring in your audience, invite them to attend, and allow them to register and pay online. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will sign-up. Don’t forget to put a line like “Space is Limited” as a call to action.
  6. Retarget in your email list. Add your attendees to your email marketing list specifically for your yoga work shop, but also ask them if they are interested in future emails about you or your yoga studio in the hopes of turning them into future long-term clients.

If you have any questions about the how of managing your yoga workshops on a digital basis, please call Simons Studios to learn more.

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