Our Process

This is how we do it… baby.


Sometimes people know what they want, but they don't consider what their customers need. Discover is the most important part of the web development process.
If I don't know how your business works, who your best client is, who your competition is and what tolerance your business has for driving the best traffic to your website, then we can't really do the job.
Any web developer who can just dive right in with your project without asking deep probing questions isn't results driven.
After we get through the discovery process, we have a firm expectation of what your website objectives are and how we will achieve those objectives.

Simple Sitemap

The Sitemap is a key aspect to any site, it doesn't matter if you need a simple brochure site, or a dynamic membership site. Without know the pages you need, you don't know what content needs to be developed. Nor can we create a design to manage all the pages. This step is simple, but informs the whole process.


We build a simple prototype that can be review before we get into the design. Too often developers just expect lay people to know what will happen through out a site. It also give you the client the opportunity to talk through your expectations around how the interactivity will work.

Developing Your Web Branding

Finally, it's time for design. Since we have a working prototype doing a great design after the prototype meeting. The design is build on one of our sub-domains this way you can add content, we can work on development bits and then when we are all done...

We Deliver the Final Design

Once we have the design all finalized and all your development completed, we turn your site on. At this point we have a 30 warranty period where if anything happens after it goes live, we are here to support you. We also include ongoing training with in your site.

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