The 5 Things You Need to Maintain in WordPress

WordPress does some pretty remarkable things and keeps you and your business looking pretty good and connected to your audience and customer base. However, like everything, WordPress comes with maintenance – low maintenance albeit maintenance.

Here are the 5 things that you need to maintain in WordPress by regularly undertaking:

  1. Update the Site: You should regularly update your WordPress site, including the core site and the plug-ins. Pay attention to the cues from WordPress that new updates are available and respond as soon as you can. By updating your WordPress site on a regular basis, you can help prevent hacking and offers some semblance of security.
  2. User Profiles: Regularly check on those making comments as these user profiles can determine if you need to interact and engage with your audience or if these are spammers dropping their comments all over your WordPress site. After all, you do not want a bunch of junk coming through your blogs.
  3. Security: You cannot just rely on the updates that WordPress provides and consider your site safe and secure. With more than 74 million WordPress sites now live on the Internet, which equates to one site per person in Turkey, this makes it a viable target for hackers. Do you know what type of security features you can add on to your WordPress site to better protect yourself? It’s important to regularly check on what is available as hackers are always finding new ways to break into these sites.
  4. Optimization: To have the most efficient WordPress site, you need to regularly clean up your database and revisions. By doing so, it won’t be bogged down with dust but be up and running at optimum speed.
  5. Backup: While it may seem unlikely, do you know what you would do if your site happens to get deleted somehow by your hosting company or if you are hacked and lose control over your site? How quickly could you get your site back up so your customers and prospects do not wonder where you went or figure you are now out of business? It’s important to have a back-up system and the knowledge of how to use it. Regularly check on what backup system you have and check on any new insights or solutions to ensure you always have that viable Plan B in place.

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