The ROI of Design

ROI? What’s that anyways? It’s one of those all-important business terms that stands for return on investment. Essentially, it means that for every investment you make in something, there will be a certain amount of tangible (revenue and profits) and intangible (recognition and reputation) that you will earn from that investment. Marketing campaigns are investments. Like any prudent investment you make, investments in marketing efforts need to be measured, tracked, and compared to other types of investments to make sure you are on the right track.
Many companies measure the ROI of their marketing initiatives to ensure that the money they spend on advertising campaigns, online tactics, and traditional marketing strategies are converting into the higher sales they are seeking. There are a number of different formulas now available to see how much return you have received in terms of each marketing strategy you use, including enhancing the company’s graphic image. Some calculations look at website visits while others look at clicks that convert into sales.

The purpose of investing in a design service is to get a greater return on your marketing dollars. Graphic design done right helps put the spotlight on a product or service you have to offer. It gets you found and noticed online. And the right graphic approach shapes your brand image and reputation in the minds of customers and prospects.

Reasons to seek a better return on investment for the graphic presence you have now—whether it is in the form of a website, logo, brochure, or ad—is that it may not be communicating the right messages or may look unprofessional. In the end, you do not save much money relying on an inferior website design or an unattractive logo. There is no return on your investment. You may actually find that it creates negative equity for your reputation and your business.

Before investing money in graphic design, do research about your target customer base to determine the best marketing channel. Consider how your business is different and unique to help set that as the message in your design plans. Also, consider your budget so that you are comfortable with what you are spending and set reasonable expectations on the types of return you may receive for those choices. Most graphic design firms will know and work with you on understanding the type of potential returns for each type of graphic design and marketing choice you make.

Take time now to invest in your future business with a fresh graphic approach to what makes you so valuable to your clientele. Contact Simons Studios to learn how to enhance your brand and attract more attention in the market with a logo that speaks to what you do and sends the right messages to your clients and potential customers.

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