Updating Logos: When, Why, and How?

Formerly known as a logotype but commonly just called a logo, this is how most people identify a company’s name and serves as a visual symbol for what that company represents in terms of product and service offering not to mention values and philosophy. That makes a logo really important but that does not mean that everyone that has one may have put that much thought into it. Hence, it is important to figure out, as a business owner, when it may be a good time to get that logo updated.

As the saying goes, there is no time like the present to start making a different—and better—impression. However, there is one thing to note when deciding to go ahead and update that logo. Undertaking a complete redesign of your logo can destroy any of the brand equity that you had worked so hard to build. If your business changes its focus and changes direction, such as merging with another company, it makes sense to go in a completely new direction.

Otherwise, it is acceptable to update your logo by relying on a design that incorporates the overall recognition of the logo but may enhance the look and feel to give it a more modern flair rather than something that may have been dated or fit a particular time period. You certainly don’t want customers looking at the logo and thinking your company is not modern and relevant to their needs.

You may have started out your business in a rush and did not have the time or money to give your logo a second thought. Now that you are settled and are focused on sharpening some of your marketing tools, it is time to look at the logo that may be confusing both your current and prospective customers. The logo may not be creating the type of impression you want to make about what your company does and how it is better than anyone else.

Even if you fancy yourself an artist (and you may even be in the business of doing so), it does not necessarily mean you should be in charge of updating your logo. Leave it in the hands of graphic media specialists who understand how to execute an attractive and effective logo.

If you are considering giving your logo a makeover that makes it more distinct and representative of what your company represents, turn to the brain boxes at Simons Studios who understand the power of a logo and how to make it turn heads, generate more attention, and translate into more revenue for you.

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