Video Membership Sites have never been this easy to manage

Imagine working your dream, creating your own content that can be accessed by users around the world. But, it’s not just your standard YouTube posting. It’s content that you have a gateway on so your loyal users pay a monthly fee to access. “How?” you say?

Easy!  Start by developing your own content. It can be videos, podcasts, a paid blog service. Then build a loyal following by creating a social network through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Then create premium content for your premium users.

Premium content can come in the form of an “Evergreen” product that can be a one off purchase that allows a user to access the content perpetually, but this does not offer any residual income that helps support you in creating more content. Residual income is key to making sure you can make a go of developing new and relevant content for your following.

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