Web Myth: Build It and They Will Come

Since 2002, I have been building websites and, trust me, if you build a website, they won’t come. Well, they used to come, and sometimes they still come.

Things were different at one time. Back in the day, you used to build a website and they would be like moths drawn to a flame there would be so many visitors. They would visit, hang around for a few minutes and then leave never to return.

Then, making matters worse, content creation showed up to the party. Most website owners were – and have been – too busy to focus on the content. They just somehow thought people would come to their website, stay, and buy. However, this isn’t the case and then these website owners come back to say that their website isn’t working for them.

While SEO has worked to a certain degree, it only gets you so far. After that, you are going to employ other marketing strategies beyond just having an amazing looking website. This is when you need to consider paid traffic as a very necessary strategy. Otherwise, you are going to have to resort to some sort of print advertising to get your website in front of your potential customers. And, we all know that nobody has time for that.

The bottom line is that you don’t have traffic problems. The only problem here is a lack of marketing strategy that addresses the most effective tactics out there. When combined with SEO, regularly refreshed content, and a compelling website design, paid traffic gets your potential customers to your website while content creation and an easy-to-navigate website closes the deal for you.

To learn more how to incorporate paid traffic into your marketing strategy, contact me TODAY and I can discuss options that may work for you.

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