Why do I need a website?

Depending upon how “wired” your city is, your need for a website may vary. It’s all about reaching your target audience. If you want to reach 75-year-old farmers, the internet probably isn’t your best bet. However, if you are a restaurant that primarily delivers to college students on campus, you’ll find that online coupons will allow you to reach out that demographic quickly.

Just because you have an online presence does not mean that you sell stuff online. E-commerce is always an option, but sometimes simpler things such as a list of services (or a menu), location, directions, and the hours you’re open can bring in those new customers that either didn’t know you were there or had no idea what you offered.

The nice thing about having a website is you can track your online visitors. By offering a coupon with a discount code, you can track the number of visitors that actually come to your store. This will allow you to quickly judge if you clientele are using your site. It only takes a couple of new sales to pay for the monthly hosting cost of a website, on average. You can increase your customer retention rate with monthly or quarterly updates and special web-only offers.

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