Why Do I Need a Website?

Whether you are a large organization, a small business owner, or even a freelancing entrepreneur, you need a website if you are planning on sustaining and growing your business. It’s just that simple. To give you a few more reasons why a website is one of the best tools in your marketing strategy, consider these reasons:

  1. Whether you want it to be or not, your business is really open 24/7. When you are taking time off in the evenings or on the weekends, your website still can stay open, providing prospective clients with information on your products and services.
  2. Your website is the fastest and most efficient way to update your products, services, and marketing material. This makes a website much more cost effective than relying on print brochures or catalogs that take resources to update.
  3. Websites are a great way to reach prospective clients all over the world that might not hear about you otherwise. Unlike a telephone book or local newspaper, a website broadcasts your skills and value across the globe.
  4. A website can build credibility, especially for home-based businesses or freelancers that want to create a professional image to substantiate their ability. A nicely designed and functional website builds confidence in the minds of customers that you will be able to fulfill their needs.
  5. Websites help gather market intelligence about those who visit your site, generating leads and information you can use to adapt products and services to better fit your intended audience.
  6. A website can become a virtual marketplace, making it easy for you to sell your products rather than having a physical location or it can supplement and promote an existing store. This reduces overhead costs, thereby improving your profit margin.
  7. If you need to recruit employees or enhance your networking efforts, a website can also help build your business in these areas.

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